Caput quintum: Independence

Salve Internet,

I am Carmine Siena from Corvo Bianco Entertainment. Welcome back to the devlog series regarding the development of Villanus: Imperium Romanum. As a creature of habit, I am sitting once more at the very same space, in the very same room, eager to open the next chapter with you.

Our devlog series is now in its fifth edition – this means that it started 14 weeks ago. A lot has happened in these 14 weeks; both, personally and here at Corvo Bianco Entertainment. Today, I do not want to talk much about any other features of the game, but rather about my daily routine as a games developer.

As you guys know, I am not only the CEO of the company, but also unite the positions of the game designer and programmer. This means that 90% of the work which is put into the project is done by me. The other 10% are music and sound which are dealt with by Markus Strausfeld, my good friend and companion here at Corvo Bianco Entertainment. Obviously, this means that the development of Villanus takes its time – but this is a project which is very close to my heart, so I am eager to do it on my own. This means that I put a lot of time, passion and love into this project, to first of all approve it myself (and believe me: I am my biggest critic!) and to second have it at a standard which is to your liking.

If you follow the devlogs since the beginning, and maybe also watched our Patreon trailer, you know that I am also a student and working as a Digital and Print Media Designer to be able to finance my studies and living costs. Thus, all the work I do for Corvo Bianco Entertainment and Villanus: Imperium Romanum is done in my “free time”. This means, the amount of time I am able to invest into the development varies and is also limited. More or less immediately after the start of the devlog series, my first Master's semester started. And thanks to the full schedule, I could not put as much time and effort into Villanus as I would have loved to during the last 12 weeks.

So, you see that my days are all full of work and studies. But I like it that way – because I am on fire for this project. Although the development can be rather rocky sometimes, I am still eager to realise this game in its full potential. The next two weeks are the last weeks of lecturing for this semester. Then there will be two weeks of exams and afterwards, until the end of January, loads of time to focus on Villanus! Since the next devlog would normally come out on the 7th of December which is right in the middle of the exams, I do not yet know whether or not I might shift it or still produce the video. We will see!

I hope that you liked this little insight into my life as a developer. If you have any questions regarding the development or also questions to me personally, make sure to leave a comment in the comment box below! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – both, Villanus: Imperium Romanum and Corvo Bianco Entertainment are on these channels.

If you want to support the development of this amazing project, head over to our Patreon page and become a patron. I am very grateful for each and every one of you aiming to help me realising this game. And don't worry: you'll get some pretty cool benefits for pledging!

I am looking forward to hearing from you guys! 'Til then: happy gaming and “in vino veritas”.
Cheers guys!

posted by Carmine Siena on 17/11/2018



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