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This overview shows you all video games which are published by Corvo Bianco Entertainment. Games before 2017 were created by Carmine (Mino) Siena single-handedly and then published retroactively by Corvo Bianco Entertainment.

All video games starting with and after “Yule Sock” were developed and published by us.

Our current project – “Villanus: Imperium Romanum” – is presently in development. Do you want to support this game? Then become a patron on Patreon and get some cool benefits: to the Patreon page.

Villanus: Imperium Romanum by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Villanus: Imperium Romanum

A real-time strategy game set in the ancient Roman Empire

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Yule Sock by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Yule Sock

A retro, 8-bit arcade game for the diverting Christmas fun

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Tiny Ninja by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Tiny Ninja

A small, 8-bit Fantasy Jump-and-Run with Action sections and boss fights

Crazy Pizza by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Crazy Pizza (Original)

Our classic – skill game with the Italian treats

Space Pong by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Space Pong

A revival of the old classic in a space setting with power-ups and more

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