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This overview shows you all video games which are published by Corvo Bianco Entertainment. Games before 2017 were created by Carmine (Mino) Siena single-handedly and then published retroactively by Corvo Bianco Entertainment.

All video games starting with and after “Yule Sock” were developed and published by us.

Yule Sock by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Yule Sock

A retro, 8-bit arcade game for the diverting Christmas fun

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Tiny Ninja by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Tiny Ninja

A small, 8-bit Fantasy Jump-and-Run with Action sections and boss fights

Crazy Pizza by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Crazy Pizza (Original)

Our classic – skill game with the Italian treats

Space Pong by Corvo Bianco Entertainment

Space Pong

A revival of the old classic in a space setting with power-ups and more

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