Villanus: Imperium Romanum

“Face your new challenges – as a praeses of Rome!”

Villanus: Imperium Romanum is a real-time strategy game focusing on city building, resource management and business simulation set in the ancient Roman empire.

You will be a praeses – a governor of Rome – being tasked with building a city and lead it to prosperity. To do so, you have to manage production facilities, fulfil the needs and wants of your citizens, trade with other cities or countries and substantiate your position by honouring the great empire.

Build a stunning city in singleplayer endless mode and relive the Roman expansion in singleplayer campaign scenarios.

Features include diplomacy, trade and factions.

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Publication: in development Engine: Unity3D
Mode: singleplayer Genre: strategy
Platforms: Trailer: announcement | Patreon
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Game website:

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