Yule Sock

“On his way to bring presents to all the children, Santa dropped some of the fruits and sweets which were supposed to land in the yule socks.
Don’t miss your chance! But beware of the rods...”

Yule Sock is a retro, 8-bit, Christmas-themed arcade game. You control – guess what? – a yule sock and collect all the Christmassy stuff falling out of Santa's bag.

When collecting fruits and sweets, your score increases, depending on the respective good. Catching rods decreases your score by ten points.

You play against the time: catch as many stuff as possible during two minutes!

Sweeten your Yuletide with this diverting mini game!

Publication: 09/12/2017 Engine: PICO-8
Mode: singleplayer Genre: skill game
Platforms: Trailer: gameplay
Download: itch.io
Yule Sock Screenshot 01
Yule Sock Screenshot 02
Yule Sock Screenshot 03
Yule Sock Screenshot 04

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